Current Program and Methodology

Current Program

The Northwest Council has programmed future STP funds through federal fiscal year 2027.  Projects that have been accepted by the Council but have no funding programmed are shown on the Contingency Program.  

Printer Friendly Northwest Council of Mayors STP Program - Approved on August 2, 2023


The Northwest Council of Mayors updated its STP project selection methodology in February 2021. The methodology document contains information on eligible phases, federal/local funding ratios, and program management. 

Printer Friendly Northwest Council of Mayors Methodology

NWMC staff held a virtual Call for Projects Workshop on January 6 at 10:00 a.m. A recording of the meeting and slides from the presentation are available below:


To be eligible for STP or other federal funds, a road must be classified by the Federal Highway Administration as a collector or higher. To view a map of road classification, visit and select "Identify IDOT Key Route" at the bottom of the Legend.

Documents and application materials from past STP-L Calls for Projects are available upon request. Please email

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