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Product Information

Contract #206

The SPC was able to offer the first of three possible, one-year contract extensions on the 2024 Ford Escape AWD Active (SE Trim) for $29,028.00.  This is the only model of Escape offered for 2024 and there will be a limited window of production beginning in November 2023. Demand is high, so place your orders early.  The factory order cut-off date is May 24, 2024.

The Ford Escape contract extension runs through October 25, 2024 with two additional one-year contract extensions possible upon mutual agreement of both the vendor and the SPC on a negotiated basis.  

Orders are placed directly through Currie Motors.  Billing is performed by the dealer.  

Currie Motors
10125 W. Laraway Road
Frankfort, IL  60423
Phone: 815-464-9200
Fax: 815-464-7500
Contact Person: Tom Sullivan

Product Information

Contract #191

Ford Explorer

The SPC will solicit bids on 2024 models when specifications are released in mid-2023.