Key Legislation

NWMC Priority Issues

House Bill 308: POLICE & FIRE PENSION FINANCING Rep. Maurice A. West, II
Provides that the annual employer contribution shall include an amount sufficient to bring the total assets of the pension fund up to 90% of the total actuarial liabilities of the pension fund by the end of municipal fiscal year 2050 (instead of 2040). Re-referred to Rules Committee

House Bill 315: RESTORE FULL LGDF Rep. Anthony DeLuca
Provides for the gradual restoration of the Local Government Distributive Fund to the previous distribution share by 2025. Re-referred to Rules Committee

NWMC Supports the Following Legislation

Senate Bill 217:  PARKING TAX-EXEMPTIONS  Sen. Cristina Castro, Rep. Michael J. Zalewski
Why Supporting: Provides that the Parking Excise Tax does not apply to a parking area or garage owned, operated, used or leased by a unit of local government.
House Bill 270: BICYCLE AND PEDESTRIAN WAYS  Rep. Anna Moeller
Why Supporting: Provides that, in and within one mile of an urban area, the Illinois Department of Transportation shall establish and solely fund bicycle and pedestrian ways in conjunction with the construction, reconstruction, or other change of any State transportation facility.

Sen. Elgie R. Sims, Jr., Rep. Tony McCombie
Why Supporting: Amends the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act to provide that the requirements established under the Act do not apply to State shared revenues distributed by formula to units of local government, thus removing a unncessary bureaucratic hoop.

NWMC Opposes the Following Legislation

House Bill 220:  FIRE FIGHTER SUPERVISORS  Rep. Lawrence Walsh, Jr.
Why Opposing: Would allow a firefighter who serves in a supervisory capacity to also participate as a member of the bargaining unit, which could allow potential conflicts of interest.
Why Opposing: Places burden on smaller fire departments that rely on part-time firefighters employed by larger departments by requiring the fire chief of a secondary employer to report any injury, illness, or exposure incurred by a secondary employee and all hours worked by secondary employees during his or her employment to the Department of Insurance.
House Bill 571:  MUNICIPAL TIF REPORTING REQUIREMENTS  Rep. Jonathan Carroll
Why Opposing: Creates new administrative burdens and additional costs by requiring numerous additional items to be included in the report submitted to the Comptroller and taxing districts before the annual meeting of the Joint Review Board under the Tax Increment Allocation Redevelopment Act in the Illinois Municipal Code.
House Bill 633:  RIGHT TO GARDEN ACT  Rep. Sonya M. Harper
Why Opposing: Significantly limits the ability of local governments to regulate vegetable gardens and related structures.
House Bill 2568:  PSEBA HEALTH PLAN BARGAINED  Rep. Rita Mayfield
Why Opposing: Provides that a health insurance plan, as defined the Public Safety Employee Benefits Act, is limited to the insurance plan options codified in the employee collective bargaining agreement or bargained upon with an authorized agent and subject to the grievance process.

Why Opposing: Limits the ability of local governments (including home rule governments) to restrict or prohibit the erection of an industrialized residential structure or manufactured home.

NWMC is Monitoring for Possible Amendments

House Bill 3739:  LEAD SERVICE LINE REPLACEMENT ACT  Rep. Lamont J. Robinson, Jr.
Creates the Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act.
House Bill 2379: SMALL WIRELESS FACILITES DEPLOYMENT ACT  Rep. Lawrence Walsh, Jr.
Extends the repeal date of the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act until December 31, 2026.