NWMC Multimodal Transportation Plan

The north and northwest suburbs have an extensive transportation system of expressways, arterials, and local roads, and are served by all three regional transit providers. But an emerging system of bicycle and pedestrian facilities—some connected, and others isolated—can also be found throughout the area, maintained by municipal, forest preserve, township, and county agencies.
NWMC approved its first ever conference‚Äźwide bicycle plan in 2010 as part of an effort to connect smaller sets of facilities that were part of local plans into a larger regional network. Since the completion of the 2010 NWMC Bicycle Plan, three related plans have been prepared. In 2012, the NWMC Regional Bicycle Signage Plan and the Northwest Highway Corridor Plan were adopted. In 2014, the Des Plaines River Trail Plan was adopted. 
NWMC applied to the CMAP Local Technical Assistance Program to update and expand the 2010 Bicycle Plan. This work included considerations for key pedestrian connections, bicycle and pedestrian access to transit service and facilities, and better integrating and connecting all three modes of active transportation. In March 2020, the NWMC Board approved the final Multimodal Transportation Plan.
Through a combination of detailed data collection and analysis, in-depth interviews and focus groups with transportation staff throughout the region, and in-person and multimedia community engagement, the NWMC Multimodal Transportation Plan achieved the following:

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Interactive GIS Tools

The NWMC Multimodal Transportation Plan identifies priority bicycle corridors and sidewalk gaps throughout the region. The interactive maps below will help track their completion and identify opportunities to improve regional connectivity. We invite you to share updates on the status of priority sidewalk and bicycle corridor segments by making a comment.

To make a comment in either map please follow these instructions:

1. On the left hand side, click the button with the check list and pencil labeled “Make a Comment.”
2. Click the red pin labeled “New Feature.”
3. Click on your desired location on the map and type your comment in the popup field. Be sure to include the start and end point of the relevant segment. Feel free to attach any relevant project documents or location maps.