Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning


While investment in road and transit improvements are major components of the Northwest Municipal Conference’s strategy to improve mobility in our region, it is just as important to provide non-motorized transportation options for those traveling within and between our communities. Our members have been proactive in planning for the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians. The Northwest Municipal Conference has taken an active role in several initiatives to enhance the biking and walking environment in our communities.

We strongly believe that the benefits of providing bicycle and pedestrian facilities more than justify their cost. The need for safe facilities has become readily apparent. More and more of our citizens, from children biking to school to seniors who are no longer able to drive, are choosing to engage in biking and walking to get around their communities. Health benefits from the increase in physical activity pay dividends for both the individual and society. In addition, people who no longer opt to drive short trips are saving the air by leaving their vehicles parked.

The staff contact for bicycle and pedestrian planning initiatives is Eric Czarnota and Brian Larson.