Partial LGDF Restoration

Last update: 2/28/2022
The Northwest Municipal Conference has prioritized the partial restoration of the Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF) in 2022. In coordination with other local government advocates, we have been working to begin restoring LGDF to previous levels.
Representative Anthony DeLuca and Senator Laura Murphy introduced legislation (House Bill 4169 and Senate Bill 3010), which would raise the LGDF to 8% and makes it a continuing appropriation.  While 8% falls short of a full restoration, we believe it is a reasonable compromise that would provide our communities greater fiscal stability and the increased ability to address current and future challenges.

Despite amassing many co-sponsors in both the House and Senate, neither bill advanced out of committee. The Conference's attention now turns directly to the budget process and the case for partial LGDF restoration through the state's budget bills.