Federal Legislative Program

Addressing the Pandemic to Secure Local Government Budgets

As Illinois and the country move into the second year of battling this global pandemic, the foremost priority of our communities is the health and safety of our residents and public servants. This becomes more challenging when facing significant revenue losses. Northwest Municipal Conference (NWMC) communities have lost over $40 million in state collected local revenues due to the pandemic.

  • Direct Assistance to Local Governments: It is critical that the federal government provide funding to local governments to make up for tax revenues lost due to the ongoing pandemic. This funding should be unrestricted so that local governments can exercise the discretion to use it where needed most, including for business stimulus purposes.

Put Illinois to Work Building a Better Tomorrow

Illinois is facing dangerous levels of unemployment as a result of the pandemic. Investing in infrastructure and taking steps to address climate change will help Illinois rebuild stronger.
  • Federal Capital Investments: The federal government should prioritize a long-term federal transportation plan. Such a plan would stimulate the economy and strengthen communities. With current surface transportation funding set to expire in September 2021 and the lasting revenue declines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time for strong federal action.
  • Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure: As the federal government prioritizes its investments in a new surface transportation bill, the Conference supports federal initiatives that would provide grant funding to pay for electric vehicle infrastructure.

Responsible Police Reform

It is critical that police maintain the trust of the community they serve. NWMC communities have been leaders in dedicating resources to robust police training and best practices regarding crisis intervention and de-escalation. Many of our communities have achieved accreditation from the rigorous Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). The Conference is ready to work with lawmakers to find reasonable and responsible solutions that best serve all our residents.
  • Police Training Requirements: Training is critical for law enforcement; however, it is important that any federal mandates include increased funding support at the same rate as increasing training requirements. Municipalities are responding to a global pandemic that has upset local revenues. Consequently, any unfunded policing mandates will threaten the quality of local services and put additional pressure on strained taxpayers.
  • Maintain Qualified Immunity: Diminution of federal qualified immunity statutes would open the door to litigation which would have the potential to overwhelm local governments.