NWMC Elected Officials Institute

NWMC Elected Officials Institute
9/7/2021 | Posted in: News
Materials and Resources
Wednesday, August 25, 2021 - Session I:
Welcome/Introduction to the Northwest Municipal Conference and the Elected Officials Institute
NWMC President and Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering and staff reviewed the programs scheduled for the NWMC Elected Officials Institute and outlined the programs/services of the Northwest Municipal Conference. 

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Elements of Successful Elected Official/Staff Relations
Former Northbrook Village President Sandy Frum and Highland Park City Manager Ghida Neukirch discussed the elected official’s role in policy formation, administration and the day-to-day operations of a local government.  This session also focused on the best arrangements for elected official/staff relations.

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Government Finance Primer
Barrington Village Manager Scott Anderson explored the basics of local government finance and the elected official’s role in the budget process and the financial business of government. 

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Communicating and Coping with Citizens
NWMC President and Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering led a discussion that explored elected official dealings with the public at large.  Discussed the use of social media by local governments as well as best practices for eliciting citizen input/participation, dissemination of information and dealing with negative reaction to decisions.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2021 - Session II:
Intergovernmental Cooperation
NWMC staff discussed the mechanics of effective intergovernmental cooperation and identified local case studies of model cooperative efforts.  With local government budgets under constant pressure and the citizenry demanding more and more services, many communities and agencies must work together to realize greater economies of scale, efficiencies and cost savings to achieve common goals. 

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Printer Friendly 50 ILCS 10/ - Regional Council Act
Printer Friendly 5 ILCS 220/1 Intergovernmental Cooperation Act
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Communicating with the Media
Serafin & Associates Founder and CEO Thom Serafin and Senior Strategist Scott Burnham discussed how to effectively work with the media and the evolving media landscape.  Special emphasis was placed on crisis management and the press.  Participants also learned how to build and maintain positive media relations as well as the power of the “bully pulpit.”

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Understanding & Influencing Springfield
Evanston Mayor and former Illinois Representative & Senator Daniel Biss and NWMC Legislative Consultants Letitia DeWith- Anderson, Taylor Anderson and Allison Richard provided an overview of the legislative process and the importance of playing an active role in Springfield.  Participants also learned effective communication skills with legislators, how to keep tabs on the General Assembly and, more importantly, how to effectively lobby your position.

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