Committee List

Northwest Municipal Conference Committees

Executive Board

The Executive Board meets to provide guidance and direction in governing the NWMC.  The Executive Board's purpose is to provide a mechanism for community officials to work together in establishing and enhancing programs of the NWMC.
Staff Contact: Mark Fowler

Attorneys Committee

Reviews and makes recommendations with regard to proposed model ordinances for local governments, legislation, policies and procedures for NWMC programs.
Staff Contact: Larry Bury

Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

Promotes the planning and implementation of bicycle and pedestrian projects both within and across NWMC members. The Committee shares information on current and future projects, examines current planning practices and interacts with regional agencies and advocacy groups.
Staff Contact: Brian LarsonEric Czarnota

Finance Committee

Develops and recommends NWMC annual budget; reviews and presents monthly budget reports; reviews annual audit report and management letter prepared by auditors; reviews Conference funding policies and reviews other financial issues as necessary.
Staff Contact: Larry Bury

Legislative Committee

Reviews and makes recommendations as to the impact of proposed legislation, initiates legislation, formulates and recommends policy guidelines used by staff in responding to proposed legislation.
Staff Contact: Lary Bury, Chris Staron

Transportation Committee

Reviews and makes recommendations on highway and mass transit issues; annually reviews and updates the NWMC Transportation Plan; acts as a policy initiator and makes recommendations on various NWMC area projects in the annual and multi-year road and transit programs; coordinates transportation plans and projects with the Illinois Department of Transportation, Chicago Metropolitan Area for Planning and other regional jurisdictions; coordinates interaction between the Northwest and North Shore Councils of Mayors.
Staff Contact: Brian LarsonEric Czarnota