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Thermoplastic Road Striping

Product Information

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The Suburban Purchasing Cooperative's Governing Board has approved the 3rd of three (3) possible one-year contract through April 11, 2020, with no price increase. 

Adobe Logo  2019 Lane Marking Contract Extension

Item Description UOM   2019 Unit $  
4" Marking Line LF   $0.52  
6" Marking Line LF   $0.76  
12" Marking Line LF   $1.52  
24" Marking Line LF   $3.78  
Marking Letters & Symbols SF   $3.51  
Removal SF   $0.41  

Note:  All unit prices are per foot, except Letters & Symbols and Removal, which are priced per square foot.
This award is not in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Transportation, so participating communities may not utilize Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) funds.  However, Superior Road Striping must comply with all IDOT rules and regulations, as well as prevailing wage and certified payroll.

Scheduling and Contact Information

Please contact Superior Road Striping directly with any questions and to schedule work for your municipality.

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