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Highland Park, Elk Grove Village Win 2009 Bock Awards

At the NWMC Board meeting on October 14, Elk Grove Village and the City of Highland Park were presented with the 2009 Irwin A. Bock Award for Excellence in Public Administration - Community Environmental Stewardship Awards.  These awards are presented to the two NWMC members who best demonstrate that they have undertaken activities and implemented policies which minimize environmental impact. 

The highlights of Elk Grove Village’s application included the first LEED Gold environmentally certified Village Hall in the State of Illinois, its wide range of recycling programs, and its environmental evaluation of governmental, industrial, corporate, and commercial facilities in the Village.  Highland Park emphasized their Environmental and Lakefront Commissions, Sustainable Community Master Plan, hybrid vehicle fleet and many other initiatives.

All of this year’s applications featured a wide range of projects and strategies which can act as models for municipalities looking to improve their environmental impacts.

David Limardi, City of Highland Park, Manager
Mayor Michael Belsky, City of Highland Park
President Kerry Cummings, Village of Glenview

Raymond Rummel, Elk Grove Village, Manager
President Kerry Cummings, Village of Glenview
Trustee James Petri, Elk Grove Village