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2008 Irwin A. Bock Award for Excellence in Public Administration - Community Environmental Stewardship Award

Irwin A. BockThe Northwest Municipal conference is pleased to announce the winners of the 2008 Irwin A. Bock Award for Excellence in Public Administration - Community Environmental Stewardship Award.

Out of a group of eleven outstanding applicants, the Environmental Best Practices Committee have recognized the accomplishments of the City of Evanston and the Village of Lincolnshire as this years winners.

The Excellence in Public Administration - Community Environmental Stewardship Award, named in honor of the late Irv Bock, former NWMC President and Mayor of Hanover Park, recognizes municipalities that best demonstrate activities and implement policies which minimized environmental impact.

Below is a summary of all eleven submittals. Please contact Mike Walczak at 847-296-9200 ext 34 for additional information.

NWMC Member Major Themes of Application
Evanston Prioritizing environmental sustainability, environmental education and outreach, local food, parks and trees, recycling, streets and transportation, air, water, and energy programs, green buildings
Lincolnshire Use of bio-diesel fuel, waste and recycling efforts, development requirements, river and stream protection, protection of open space, environmental education, tree policies, path systems, lighting policies, community rating system, maintenance of village streets, road salt alternatives, water quality testing, active participation in SWALCO, watering restrictions, open space management plan, use of GIS, smoking ban, leaf program, awards received, and memberships and partnerships
Bartlett Tree preservation and protection, curbside residential recycling, Clean Air Counts membership, water conservation, land use planning and stormwater management, environmental and energy efficient municipal construction, revised building codes
Carpentersville Police Department recycling and cleaning operations, village recycling program, Adopt-a-Highway, tree preservation ordinance, use of permeable pavers, landscape regulations, updated plumbing code, congestion reduction efforts, erosion and sediment control, rain garden program, parkway tree program, outreach to residents
Des Plaines Residential recycling programs, tree planting efforts, use of biodiesel, energy conservation efforts, waste disposal efforts, formation of green committee, hybrid vehicle purchase, energy audit
Highland Park Fleet upgrades and fleet management changes, forestry efforts, community development and building efforts, facilities management and operation, residential activities, and government partnerships
Lake Forest Village recycling efforts, tree planting, public open space preservation, fleet management, salt usage reduction, construction material recycling, pest management programs, village environmental committee, recycling programs and events
Niles Village wide recycling program, O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission, Niles free bus system, recycling and environmental efforts of village departments and village properties, activity and membership in green committees, village environmental committee
Palatine Lighting upgrades, green landscaping, natural creek erosion systems, green building efforts, use of biodiesel and E-85 fuels, use of CUDA Aqueous Parts Washer, variety of waste disposal and recycling programs
Streamwood Comprehensive Plan and village regulations, Environmental Awareness Committee formation, street beautification program, recycling program, use of biodiesel and energy efficiency at village buildings
Wilmette Goals and initiatives of Village Board, advisory boards and commissions, organizational culture, energy efficient village facilities, internal policy changes, vehicle fleet upgrades, public education, recycling program, trees and native plantings, community programs

Full Applications

Adobe Logo Evanston - Bock Award 2008 - Winner
Adobe Logo Lincolnshire - Bock Award 2008 - Winner
Adobe Logo Bartlett - Bock Award 2009 - Applicant
Adobe Logo Carpentersville - Bock Award 2008 - Applicant
Adobe Logo Des Plaines - 2008 Bock Award - Applicant
Adobe Logo Highland Park - Bock Award 2008 - Applicant
Adobe Logo Lake Forest - 2008 Bock Award - Applicant
Adobe Logo Niles - 2008 Bock Award - Applicant
Adobe Logo Palatine - 2008 Bock Award - Applicant
Adobe Logo Streamwood - 2008 Bock Award - Applicant
Adobe Logo Wilmette - 2008 Bock Award - Applicant